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Choose well your code before editing your website !

When we talk of the digital world that is becoming increasingly important in the life of every day, we think directly to websites. Indeed, it is with these that especially commercial enterprises interact with the world of the web and the Internet. So it will self-create these websites effectively and that using specific tools for this purpose. One of the most used in the field is that PHP offers many advantages.

PHP: a development tool

Although encode return to well up the site or just out the edit as needed. So it is obvious to use tools impeccable at this level. The choice of php website development goes with odds of this tool. Clearly, PHP is a scripting language for both open source and general. It is accessible to all. It was designed for the specific purpose of developing web applications. Admittedly php easily integrated with HTML. For the latter appears, it will not be necessary to use a multitude of orders since the php pages already contain HTML fragments. In addition, PHP is a server-side tool which means that its code will run only on a server to generate HTML. The result will then be sent directly to customers without the latter do not have means to access the source code.

Constantly changing

It therefore stands to reason that PHP is one of the best development tools. In addition, it is a tool that fits perfectly with development needs. It stands to reason to see it evolve in this direction. It is, moreover, in this context that the new version of php PHP is 7 was refined. This version is available on the web since December 2015 and still offers more power than the previous version with the new version of Zend Engine. PHP 7 is faster and will encode perfectly because it is based on PHP or PHPNG Next Generation. We therefore expect a power increase of up to 70% which is not at all negligible.

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