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Delegating the knowledge to develop/maintain PHP scripts

The primary purpose of PHP is server side scripting. You simply need a PHP Parser, a web server (such as apache), and Google Chrome web browsers to begin operation on a desktop PC. First of all, the need to use PHP code delimiters for marking the areas of PHP code on the web page is understandable. The opening cap is < by default? Php and the cap is php?>. You can add as many or as few PHP blocks to a web page as you like as long as the opening and closing limits of each block are used. We have inserted some PHP scripts into the HTML webpage in the previous example. By placing HTML tags in PHP command we can reverse this.

How is php script use?

See the various ways in which PHP scripting can be used.

Scripting Server-Side

The primary purpose of using PHP is server side scripting. You only need to begin working on a PHP PC desktop with a Windows parser, an Apache web server and a Google Chrome web browser.

Scripting Command Line

You don't actually need a web server, but just a PHP parser, if you want to use PHP for the Linux task scheduler or for Windows. This is referred to as "text command line."

Apps Server

PHP is not suitable for desktop development, but supports advanced features such as PHP-GTK, which is essentially an extension of PHP. PHP-GTK offers a user interface oriented to an object. PHP helps you not only to choose the operating system you wish, but also to choose from a web server that you know. This allows beginners and experts to write php programmer themselves, because it supports both procedural and object-oriented programming.

How to install php

You need a PHP and MYSQL web host before you start PHP. In order to do so, a web server like Apache is necessary to be installed. You can install XAMPP directly from Apache Friends to do this locally on your Computer.

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